Just over a year ago we decided to get a kitten to compliment our home...we have a 19 year old female Bengal...After much searching, my wife came upon a website for Agato Savannah Cats...that was the start of what we believe will be a lifetime friendship with Paige Dana. Paige was very professional in all our dealings prior to adopting our cuddle bunny.."Genny"..she answered all our questions and concerns and with her undoubted expertise, offered valuable advice whenever we asked for it. We have a wonderfully natured, loving kitten who is a credit to Paige. Finally I must add..How many breeders would have driven our new addition from New Jersey to Massachusetts.. Thank-you, Thank-you Paige, one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!

Dave and Linda   

Agato Savannah Cattery is amazing. I got my kitten Talon two months
ago and he has been nothing short of amazing. When I first contacted Paige
about her cattery she was very quick to reply and informative. I could tell
from the start that Paige was different than the other breeders I contacted—
she wanted to make sure her kittens would be going to a home that would fit
both the owner and the kitten. We exchanged multiple phone calls and
emails to discuss what it would be like having a savannah, and see if it was
the right fit. Paige is easy to talk to and so kind. She literally knows
everything about savannah cats! Any question I had she was able to give me
detailed answers about. Paige stands out from other breeders because she
makes personal connections with the owners of her cats rather than just
being someone who sells you a pet.

After I met Talon, I fell in love. To say Paige does a wonderful job
socializing her cats is a huge understatement—Paige does an extraordinary
job with them! Talon is by far the most loving and interactive cat I have ever
owned, and I have owned eight cats previously throughout my life. He is
sweet, playful, and so loving. He follows me around like a little shadow, sits
next to me on the couch to watch tv, plays fetch, licks my nose, and cuddles
with me under the covers to sleep at night. He greets all of my friends when
they come over and while I am his mom my boyfriend has definitely become
his dad. He is so much fun to play with because he is very athletic and jumps
so much higher and further than a normal cat. It is truly amazing to
experience! As I am typing this now he is purring and rubbing up against

Talon has been a gift to be able to care for because he is a family
member. I credit Paige with raising such a good tempered and sweet animal,
not to mention he is physically stunning, in my opinion (as bias as it may be)
the most beautiful savannah I have ever seen. Paige still continues to contact
me and check in, and if I need anything is always there to help.

If anyone is looking to bring a savannah cat into their home I would
highly recommend Agato Savannah. I love Talon so much and want to thank
Paige from the bottom of my heart for letting me take home one of her

Thank you Paige!!!!!!!!


I’ve had Orion for a little longer than 3 months now and aside from the probability that he is literally the best Savannah in the world, he has proven to be such an amazing and loving creature. His personality is outstanding and he loves anyone and everyone in whatever room he may be in. He gets along with people and other animals alike. Paige raised a beautiful healthy kitten that just wants to share his love with everyone else. He is just such a pleasure to have around and I couldn’t feel any luckier to have him.

Danny S   

Inara is by far the sweetest and most wonderful kitten I have met and I am so proud that she is mine! She is incredibly well socialized, and loves to be held and cuddled. She has been sleeping in bed with us since she first came home and will often curl up in my lap while I'm watching TV or using the computer.

She is so smart and is a play machine! We play fetch like crazy and she often begs me to play with her, tapping my arm if I don't throw her toy fast enough 🙂 My favorite thing about her is how loving and fun she is. She will come up to me and rub her head against my face and purrs like crazy. She is so affectionate and is a joy to have in our lives. We couldn't have asked for a better kitten! Thank you!


We went to NJ in December 2012 to pick up Agenor at Agato Savannahs from the Netherlands. We were very happy to see how well he was socialized - he is such a sweet boy.

He is nice to us and gentle to our other cats, never using his claws. He loves to play and talk! With Agenor around, you are never alone!

Agenor is a strong, healthy and lovely boy. We are very happy with him.

Caroline and Wout - Cannelle Savannahs