Savannah Proof

Here are some tips for savannah cat proofing your home., thanks to Cynthia King of The Kasbah Ltd. …

  • Kittens can ingest small objects, so check to make certain they do not have access to items like rubber bands, string, tiny plastic objects, coins and small rubber objects. Also frequently check toys to assure they are not broken.
  • Secure any small spaces in your home (such as uncovered floor vents), to prevent your kitten from exploring and getting stuck in an area where you cannot get to them.
  • Remove poisonous plants, all access to human medications, poisons and cleaning products as these can be deadly. NEVER give a cat ANY medication that has not been prescribed by a veterinarian. Cats do not metabolize medications the same way people and dogs do and will likely react poorly. Tylenol and aspirin can actually be fatal to a cat.
  • Remove heavy objects that could fall on them and either remove or secure your precious knickknacks.
  • Prevent kittens from chewing on electrical cords by covering them, treating with Bitter Apple spray, Tabasco Sauce or running them through PVC pipe. Electric shock can cause severe injuries and even death.
  • Close toilet lids and be conscious of leaving an unattended kitten near a full bathtub or a sink full of dish water to avoid possible drowning.
  • Secure hanging drape cords as playing kittens can easily strangle in them.
  • Be wary of rockers and lounge chairs as small kittens can become trapped in the mechanical parts and be seriously injured.
  • Exercise extreme caution when opening and closing doors. Cats are infamous for trying to slip through open doorways. Your attention to this small detail can prevent an unwanted escape or the disaster of an accidental crushing.
  • As your kitten grows you will also need to pay close attention to prevent interaction with a hot stove top and may also find it necessary to install child-proof locks on your cupboards.
  • Be sure to check washers and dryers each and every time you use them to make sure your savannah cat has not jumped in
  • Be careful about fresh flowers and plants – many are toxic to cats. Here is a list of toxic plants and flowers.

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