Savannah Cat Size

Orion 5 Weeks Old

Orion 5 Weeks Old

Orion - 10 months old

Orion – 10 months old

The question that most breeders are asked most often is “How big do savannah cats get”? My answer is always the same…there is no guarantee on size and the number one myth about Savannah cats is that they are HUGE – most are not!

The largest cat breed is the Maine Coon – the largest cat in personality is the Savannah cat! If you are looking for a very large cat, a Maine Coon is what I suggest…that is not to say that some savannahs are not big cats – some are…but most are not and if a breeder guarantees you that your savannah kitten will turn into a very large savannah adult, be sure to get it in writing.

We are also often asked about the size of a savannah kitten’s parents…honestly, that size of the parents is not an indicator of the size of the savannah kitten you purchase from us. I can tell you about the size of a particular kitten’s older offspring, but even that is not an indicator of the size of your kitten!

In conclusion, since the size of a savannah cat continues to be the number one question breeders are asked, here are my thoughts:

  • I cannot guarantee the size of any of my kittens
  • If size is the only reason you long for a savannah cat, then please rethink your decision
  • A savannah kitten that is the largest in the litter, does not translate into becoming a huge savannah adult – one of the smallest savannah kittens in one of my litters is now larger than all his siblings as an adult
  • Savannah cats are so much more than size – they are fun, loving, smart as heck, entertaining, intuitive, did I say smart?, gorgeous, personality plus and just all around a wonderful animal to own. They become part of your family and soon you wonder how you ever lived without one – and then you get another 🙂