Savannah Cat Resources

The following links are resources we recommend, use or think are cool!

Cat Toys:

Metpet – Great wand toys – we use them
Kitty Boinks – Turn a cat into a kitten again with Kitty Boinks. This clever flexible tube toy springs into action and makes cats go wild.
Jeffers Pet – Rosie the Rat – cats love her

Cat Trees

Mountain Cat Trees – Eco-friendly Cat Trees
Natural Cat Trees – Natural Form Wooden Furniture
A Hidden Hollow -Luxury Cat Furniture
The Square Habitat – Modern Furniture for Cats
Phoenix Feline Furniture – Sculpted Driftwood Cat Trees

Cat Beds

Brawny Cat Savannah Lounger – Made for the Largest of Kitties that prefer to Slumber where they Scratch. Named after the Savannah Cat – 5% of the proceeds donated to Savannah Rescue!
a href=”″>LazyBonezz – Ultra Modern Cat Beds

Water Fountains & Cat Feeding Bowls

Pioneer Big Maxx Fountain – Stainless Steel
Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain – Ceramic
Thirsty Cat Fountains – handmade Ceramic Cat Fountains
Classy Cat and Dog Dishes – Raised, Handmade Ceramic Food Dishes
Trendy Pet – Whisker Stress Free Bowls
Gatefeeder – The first patented controlled-feeding-solution for cats and dogs