Available Savannah Kittens

New F6 SBT Savannah Kitten Litter Born 9/20/15ALL KITTENS ARE SOLD!


We had three gorgeous savannah kittens born on 9/20/15! There are two boys and a girl – all are black/brown spotted kittens! We have named them Zion, Ikon and Genesis! Agato Savannahs Zion is a warm, golden spotted boy, Savannah Kitten Ikon is also a warm colored spotted boy and Savannah Girl, Genesis, is a beautiful cool color as well! Savannah Kittens, like all kittens change from week to week, so we will post their  photos as they develop – it is fun to watch them grow and develop 🙂

Agato Savannahs Siri is the Dam (mother) and Kiwanga Prinz of Northeast Savannah is the Sire (father). We often work with friend and fellow breeder, Kathy McGown of Northeast Savannah – Prinz is owned by Kathy! Kathy has the same breeding philosophy as we do – our cats are our pets first and foremost, are never caged, and health and temperament is of the utmost importance!

Agatos Savannah Cats and Kittens have an 1100 sq foot cat walk to play, run and sleep on, several cat trees, floor to ceiling sisal cat posts, walk on leashes, have an outdoor enclosure and are well socialized! Please see the photos below of our new kittens! You can see Agato Savannahs Siri here and Kiwanga Prinz of Northeast Savannah here!

We are not sure how many savannah kittens will be available, so please contact us for more information!

Agato Savannahs Zion – F6 SBT Male – born 9/20/15 – See How I have Grown! Gorgeous golden boy with gorgeous profile, tall, rounded ears, long legs, nice, wide nose bridge and puffy nose leather just like his mom and grandma, Zuri! Zion is going to live in Kentucky!

Agato Savannahs Kitten for Sale – Ikon – F6 SBT Male – born 9/20/15 – See How I have Grown!!! Another gorgeous boy with super long legs, GREAT earset and tall, rounded ears, wide at base, just like a serval! Ikon is a sweet boy with a gorgeous brown-spotted coat, really nice wide nose bridge and puffy nose leather. His nose has a thick, black liner around it with a pink middle, similar to the serval! Ikon is going to live in California!

Agato Savannahs Kitten Genesis (Genny) – F6 SBT Female – born 9/20/15 – See How I have Grown!!! Genny is a special girl! Born not breathing at birth, resuscitated by me (a former NICU RN), and growing up to be an awesome girl! Genny is gorgeous – big black spots with a clear, clear basecoat and relatively short tail! Genny has huge cheetah tear stains and a very cool stripe up the center of her nose, rarely seen in a savannah cat. We call Genny our teacup girl – petite but spunky! Knows her name and comes when called, Genny loves to be picked up and held! She is going to make such a wonderful savannah kitten pet!!! Genny is going to live in Massachusetts!