Agato Savannahs Sonata – F6 SBT

Agato Savannahs Sonata is a BST F6 SBT – a  beautiful girl with long legs, absolutely spectacular profile, puffy nose leather with a distinct stripe on her nose, long, lean body and wonderful temperament. Sonata has outstanding type – with high contract and black spots. Her ears are close set, with a wide base and deeply cupped. Sonata is Siri’s daughter from her last litter. Her TICA registered name is Agato Savannahs Sonata Warrior Princess. Sonata is very sweet and social, highly energetic and very smart. She runs on the cat wheel, scales the vertical posts we have attached to the catwalk in no time at all, in search of her mother, siblings or a toy! She fetches her mouse all the time as well as her toys, just like her mom, Siri.