Agato Savannahs Renegade

Renegade is an F6 SBT savannah kitten with fantastic Savannah type! Puffy nose leather, nice earset with wide base, upright and with rounded tops. His profile is picture perfect to the standard and his eyes are nicely shaped, drawing you in when he looks at you. Renegade’s coat is gorgeous – excellent contrast with dark brown spots. His face is to die for – he just has one of those faces…

He is a bit of a devil, but also a cuddler and lover! Renegade LOVES to play and run around wreaking havoc, just like most savannah kittens do…Renegade is a gorgeous example of the breed – a beautiful boy inside and out! He is available as a beloved pet!

We only breed SBT savannah kittens…SBT’s are the only true purebred savannahs with three generations of savannah to savannah breeding, which means that SBT savannah kittens have more serval percentage than non-SBT’s.

What makes Agato Savannahs Stand out?

  • We only breed SBT savannah kittens
  • We have been breeding for 8 years
  • Kittens are PK Def and PRA N/N by parentage. FeLV and FIV Negative
  • Our savannah kittens have excellent savannah type, which is difficult to produce in later generations
  • We spay/neuter before kittens leave for pet homes
  • Our savannah kittens are microchipped before leaving for their new homes
  • Our savannah kittens receive age appropriate vaccines before leaving for their new homes
  • Our kittens usually do not leave for their new homes before 14 -16 weeks of age. They are much more confident at that age and after much research as well as experience, this is what we feel is best for them.
  • As you can ascertain from our pictures, our kittens are raised in our home and never, ever caged. Our savannah cats are our pets first and foremost
  • Our kittens are litterbox trained by 5 weeks of age
  • Our kittens go to their new homes with their toys, blankie, food and other goodies as well as instructions and lifetime support
  • We provide 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance and convert the policy to our pet buyers, if so desired. We STRONGLY recommend pet insurance
  • I have worked tirelessly for years for the savannah breed and am well known in the savannah community. I am the current breed chair for the savannah breed section, elected by my peers!