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Welcome to Agato Savannahs – Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens

We are a small savannah breeder in northern NJ, where our savannah cats and savannah kittens are raised. We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy, happy and stress-free environment for all our fur babies. They are our pets first and foremost - part of our family - their health and well-being comes first. We are a TICA registered cattery and pride ourselves on raising savannah cats as close to the standard as possible. We screen for HCM.

Savannah cats and Savannah kittens from Agato Savannahs kittens will come to your home from our home, where they have free run of the house and are never caged.

Savannah Cats are inquisitive, energetic, very playful, devoted companions. Be prepared to be endlessly entertained with their antics and enthralled with their beauty and intelligence.

You can contact us by phone 201-676-0716 or by email...

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